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The Diabolist

Memoirs within the Diabolism current; the collaboration of thoughts spanning decades, the push for individualism, and finally the acceptance of self. Black Flame Immersion has become a haven for the free thinkers, the self-doers, and the outcast generations, tired of being force-fed and sold reflections of themselves. We have come to a crossroads of finite thought and self responsibility, and this is where you either persevere and shift forward, or sit back on your haunches and accept your forced life pattern. The Diabolist is a practitioner within the current of Diabolism; they wield the flame from within, they manage the current, they control the balance, and they uphold and remain the foundation. The difference here from other forms of so called spirituality; The Diabolist is self made, while others are proud to be forced taught. The podcast is a guide to the deepest recesses of self, through the gnosis of another; we shed light into a dark room, but we allow you to hold that light, we allow you to be the room. To become a Diabolist is to become the epiphany of self, the truest form of ones own manifested outcome, and most importantly, to ever only see on reflection staring back at them; their own. We implore your individuality!




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